Window Cleaning in Abbotsford
Window Cleaning in Abbotsford
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Window Cleaning in Abbotsford

Welcome to the FAQ's section of advance window cleaning's website. We serve Abbotsford BC Canada and all of the lower mainland cities. We will be updating this section of the website with questions that are Commonly asked in order to help better serve our customers. Please feel welcome to email us and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

1) How many times should I have my windows cleaned?
a: Two times a year is recommended.

2) Why does it appear to be "cloudy" in between my window panes?
a: This is condensation due to a seal broken around your window pane.

3) What is the difference between the pole wash method and the squeegee method?
a: The pole wash method will clean dirt, cob webs, bird droppings, etc. but will leave some water spotting as the window is left to dry. This method is more cost efficient. The squeegee method is more expensive but will leave your windows polished. For further instruction go to "links" and view my video on youtube.

4) How many times should I get the inside of my gutters cleaned?
a: If you live in an area with a lot of trees around then interior gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year. For further instruction go to "links" and view my video on the gutter basket. This is an excellent tool to protect rot on your home.

5) Siding cleaning: a common concern involving cleaning siding is not to use high pressure?
a: You're right to be concerned as a home owner because water can make it's way behind the siding. We use a soft wash method that is much safer and more thorough. Using agitation and only tap pressure we can have your siding looking brand new.

6) Pressure washing: why is there striping left behind after i have power washed my drive way or walkways?
a: Using a wand can bring inconsistency. If you go from side to side be sure to go top to bottom on your strokes afterward as this will lessen the stripes' visibility. We use a deck that is very efficient and leaves the surface without stripes.

7) Why are those lines not coming out on the exterior of my gutters? a: These stripes are known as tiger stripes and they are a result of oxidization into the paint of the gutters. To remove these stripes we use a product that minimizes them. However, it is only possible to maintain them. They do come back over time. Ask us about another product that can be installed on your gutters to prevent them.  


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